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5 Steps to hiring your own personal “Mary Poppins”

In light of the newly released “Return of Mary Poppins”, there seems to be more and more circulating the web on why to hire a nanny, how to hire a nanny, etc., etc. Many families are deciding to go the nanny route because of the flexibility, the convenience of having someone come into your own home and the consistency for their little ones. BUT if you have never considered or hired a nanny before, where do you begin?

  • Figure out what you want as a family.  Do you often need care for your children outside of typical daycare hours? What matters most to you when looking for a caregiver for your children? What qualities would you like them to have?
  • Research options. Once you have decided you want to hire a nanny, research different options for finding one. Some people utilize agencies like us (Nanny Ninja), who work with families to find a nanny that fits their specific criteria. Agencies take care of much of the legwork by recruiting, interviewing and back-checking potential candidates and can also provide payroll services and backup care. Other people choose to conduct a search on their own. Just remember… whichever way you choose, you are hiring an employee, so you need to be prepared to sort out job contracts, payroll, vacation, etc.
  • Write and post a job ad, or work with Nanny Ninja to do it for you. What are you looking for in an ideal nanny? Any qualifications you require? What hours are you looking to have covered? Number of children? Ages? Special needs? etc.
  • Review candidates & conduct interviews. Once you have received applications and had a chance to review them, set up a time to meet with and interview potential nannies. Nanny Ninja recommends first interviewing the candidate in a public meeting place – to make sure this is a person you could envision working in your home with your children. Next, invite them to an interview in your home where they can meet the family and you can observe their interaction with your children. Finally, once you have found a nanny you like, follow up with their references to get a good idea of who they are and what work they have done before. If using Nanny Ninja, we will take care of vetting applications, the first interview and background/reference checks before passing only the best candidates off to you for an in-home interview.
  • Offer a position to the nanny you like best. Nanny Ninja can help you draw up a contract, navigate payroll and get your nanny started. We offer a 1-year guarantee on placements (see our Placement page for guarantee details) and will be there to support both you and your nanny throughout the nanny’s employment.

We wish you the best of luck as you begin your search!  If you would like to chat with us more to see if we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 647-288-1118.