Nanny Background Checks

Hire your nanny with confidence using a meticulous and comprehensive screening process.

Reference Checks

Our reference check service is meticulously designed to provide you with a 360-degree view of your potential nanny’s background. We understand the importance of finding a caregiver you can trust, and that’s why we go the extra mile.

  • 24-Point Inspection

    Our comprehensive reference questionnaire leaves no stones unturned

  • Effective Outreach

    We proactively reach out to referees through both phone and email, ensuring strong response rates and quick turnaround times.

  • Childcare-Specific Questions

    Our questions are specially curated for childcare roles, tailored to gather insights relevant to nanny candidates.

  • Seamless Coordination

    We handle all the details, from collecting your candidate's information to coordinating with referees. You can trust us to manage the entire process.

  • Replacement References

    In case the initial references are unresponsive, we take the initiative to contact replacement references, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

Background Checks

Our comprehensive background check service ensures you have all the information you need to make an informed choice when hiring a nanny. We know that safety and security are paramount for your family, and we’re here to deliver peace of mind.

48-hour turnaround time


Reference Check

$ 79

Includes up to 3 reference checks for a single candidate.

Background Check

$ 189

Comprehensive background check to give you piece of mind.  Driving record check for additional $24. 

Reference & Background Check

$ 228

$40 savings to combine both checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Nanny Ninja, our background checks serve two essential purposes: providing you with peace of mind and ensuring a thorough evaluation of your nanny candidate. We catch any concerns prior to hire, allowing you to make an informed decision that’s best for your family’s well-being.

Our reference check service encompasses a detailed process:

  • We collect references from the candidate.
  • We reach out to referees via phone and email.
  • We use a 24-point questionnaire (modified for non-childcare and personal references) to gather insights.
  • We compile a comprehensive report based on referee responses.
  • If a reference doesn’t respond, we request alternate references from the candidate to ensure a complete evaluation.

We prioritize a swift turnaround for reference checks by implementing several proactive measures:

  • We call and email the references and send automated reminders to ensure timely responses.
  • We instruct the candidate to notify their references in advance about our contact.
  • If a reference has not responded within 72 hours, we take the initiative to request alternate references, maintaining the efficiency of the process.

Our questionnaire includes detailed inquiries:

  • We collect information about the role, including the length of time, ages cared for, responsibilities, and the reason for leaving the position.
  • We score the candidate across 11 character traits.
  • Open-ended questions are used to gather insights into the candidate’s strengths, childcare approach, and areas for improvement.
  • Our questions are carefully crafted to elicit honest responses, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the candidate.

Our comprehensive background check service includes a thorough evaluation, encompassing:

  • Criminal record check via Triton.
  • Validation of the First Aid Certificate.
  • Confirmation of SIN number format (indicating eligibility to work in Canada).
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Validation.
  • Identity Verification.
  • Social media check.
  • Google check.
  • An optional driving record check (available for an additional $24).

We are committed to efficiency. You can expect to receive the completed background check report within 48 hours of the candidate submitting their form.