Nanny Background and Reference Check Service Agreement

This Nanny Background and Reference Check Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between Nanny Ninja (the “Agency”) and the individual or entity (the "Client") availing the Nanny Background and Reference Check services offered by Nanny Ninja. The Agency will provide reference checks and background checks on nanny candidates as specified in this Agreement.

1. Services Provided

Reference Checks:

1.1 Nanny Ninja will conduct reference checks on nanny candidates. The reference check will include contacting the candidate's references via phone and email, using a questionnaire specifically curated for childcare roles.

1.2 Refund Policy for Reference Checks
Nanny Ninja's policy is that we will not provide refunds for the reference check service. The reference check service is a flat fee, and we will not be held responsible if the references decline to answer.

1.3 Number of References and Alternate References: 
We will request that the candidate provides us with 3 references, and will ask that they provide us with alternate references in the event that a provided reference does not respond within 72 hours. We will continue requesting alternate references until we receive 3 responses or the candidate is unable to provide any further references. The reference check fee does not change regardless of the number of reference responses received.

Background Checks:

1.4 Nanny Ninja will conduct background checks on nanny candidates, which may include but are not limited to:

         Criminal record check

         First aid certificate validation

         SIN number format validation

         COVID-19 vaccination validation

         Identity verification via Photo ID

         Social media check

         Google check

         Driving record check (optional)

1.5 Refund Policy for Background Checks: 
There will be no refunds issued for the background check service, regardless of the candidate's ability or inability to provide all requested information. Nanny Ninja will work with the candidate to receive all requested documents and will update the client on any requested items that have not been provided.

1.6 Refund for Non-Submission of Background Check Form: 
Nanny Ninja will issue a refund for the background and reference check service if the candidate does not submit the form within 72 hours of us requesting it from them. There will be no refunds issued once the candidate submits the form.

2. Payment

2.1 The Client agrees to pay Nanny Ninja for the Nanny Background and Reference Check Service in advance, using a credit card payment method as provided on the Nanny Ninja website or platform. Pricing is per candidate, and the client will need to purchase one service per candidate if multiple checks are required.

3. Confidentiality and Data Handling

3.1 Nanny Ninja recognizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of information provided by the Client, including candidate information and check results. Nanny Ninja agrees not to disclose any candidate's information to third parties.

4. General

4.1 This Agreement is published online and accessible through the Nanny Ninja platform. By using the services, the Client agrees to the terms and conditions as indicated by a checkbox provided during the service request process. The terms of this Agreement may change at any time without prior notice, and the Client is responsible for reviewing the most up-to-date version on the Nanny Ninja platform.

4.2 Any notice under this Agreement may be delivered electronically through the Nanny Ninja platform or by email to the address listed in the Client's profile. Notices shall be deemed received immediately upon transmission.



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